It is estimated that more than 27 million people, mostly women, are enslaved in various forms of sexual and labor exploitation. In the sex trade, a vast majority of the workers are there against their wills-having been sold, born into it, or trapped through indebtedness.

Freeset is a charitable, for-profit business located in Kolkata, India. Its mission is to provide freedom to women trapped in the sex trafficking industry. Freeset offers hope by providing a dignified work alternative to the sex trade. The women are provided employment, job-skills training, safe and humane working conditions, preferred wages, literacy training, health care, childcare, a pension and financial planning assistance.

Over 200 women are now employed by Freeset. Through employment at Freeset, women can learn a life skill to provide for herself and her family. Freeset empowers victims of trafficking to break the cycle of poverty and sexual slavery. Instead of bondage freedom and hope are now passed down to future generations.

Freedom Initiatives works with Freeset, helping to develop broader global sales, marketing and distribution for its products.

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Freedom Initiatives is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.